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"You donít have to change the code for presets, no? "

my preset list is already too big to fit on one screen and I've only saved unique code in each preset.

I deleted a lot of presets because it was too much of a pain to keep them updated with new functions or bug fixes. I save fx chains and have project templates but even that sometimes breaks if you change something. (example - chroma key for my lower third title card in my editing template stopped working in recent update)

The way JSFX work for presets is more ideal. Hide the code behind the edit button. Save as a new plugin. Use preset management to store parameter settings that belong with that code.

Example - color correction functions with presets saved for different looks.

Not something I expect to happen soon but would really help with user experience and would be less intimidating for new users. It would be much easier for us to share tools for video editing as plugins (.JSFX, .VPFX?) instead of each person having to copy and paste code they found on the forum.

I published over 100 videos edited in reaper this year. Clearly I can live without this stuff but it's one big thing that slows me down every time I make a video.
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