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There it is, just READ it:

Here's what I've been working on for the better part of a year. Its very far from done, 6 months to go would be my guess. I'm sharing it because I think its very good and the world is full of good things and on some days its good to remember that. I also want to get the WALTER out because I believe some of it could be extremely useful to other themers.

On that subject : please feel free to raid the WALTER and use whatever bits of code you might find useful (suggestion: the imageshift macros are very simple but do wonderful things). However, I must insist that you do not use any of the images or make mods of the theme or anything like that yet, let me finish first. I'm including an awful lot of code and alternative images to make modding easy and powerful, in good time.

Its just the mixer so far, that's where I started. Because, well, its Imperial.

The build I am sharing is the latest one that is currently in use by my testers. Its moderately usable. I'm not necessarily looking for feedback at the moment, I've got plenty of testers who I trust implicitly, but if you're curious then please feel free to take a look. Here's the theme file; DON'T MAKE ME REGRET SHARING IT m'kay?

Its Imperial, it looks like Imperial. But more so. The ethos remains as it was; to take a lot of space and use it to show everything at once, with generous sizing and margins to make control searching and mouse-hit easy. The old Imperial scored extremely high in function and usability testing, my hope and expectation is this will perhaps surpass it.
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