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Originally Posted by Banned View Post
Do they simply not send any MIDI messages (which indeed would be a shame)? Or do you mean that there's some Automap-specific functionality not working? That would seem irrelevant, insofar as the idea here is to not use Automap at all, I guess.
Everett, I've just set SL to ableton template (it's just an "advanced mode" template, same as the other 31 templates. Only template 33 (Automap Universal) lights the "automap" button).
So I've unloaded Automap server and pressed "user" button on the controller.
This is what was sent from the SL:

First command is an initial sysex message that SL sent, notifying the host that it's ready to communicate in ableton automap mode.
Second one is the regular CC command that SL sent simultaneously with the first one. The CC number is the same as in reference for "user" button.
The third command was sent a few moments later, because Automap server started and SL said to server that it is available and already in automap mode. It also switched to the "Automap Universal" template right after.
You can notice that one byte changed is sysex message from 04 (ableton) to 02 (automap).
I assume that if Automap isn't installed at the computer, SL will stay in advanced mode with ableton template loaded and it would be possible to use regular CC commands from those buttons.

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