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Default Focusrite problems

I get hardware not connected from the Scarlett audio interface. I got on chat with FocusRite support who essentially threw up their hands. It seems that the version 3 hardware does support usb 3.x but v2 and previous do not. See link below.

I am resigned to my focusrite interfaces not working with my laptop, although they worked perfectly with my Dell AllInOne which has usb 2x interfaces. My laptop is brand new and it had USB 3.x. Not much I can do about that sadly. Maybe I could attach a USB hub... haven't tried that yet.

The laptop also has a USB C port. However trying to find a cable or adapter that interfaces USB C to that odd USB "printer" connector is problematic.

For now all I really care about is getting Reaper using the laptop's built in sound again. It has in the past, and so I assume will again.
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