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Default New Laptop Advice

Originally Posted by Nana View Post
The following site list mainly Austrian, German and Polish retailers, but there you can filter all the specs and find the laptop you need, or at least to get information on brand and model. Try:

At least i'd suggest a convertible as a new machine, because with a good touchscreen, preferrably touch and stylus, you can do many things more easily. And the resolution should be higher than full HD, to fit all the VST, tracks and mixers on the screen. That's my experience.
I too am searching for a new laptop mainly because I'd like to try the touchscreen with Reaper, so I am glad I saw this post. Apparently (Nana) you have some experience using one with Reaper. There's a seemingly endless array of 2-in-1 choices available out there and I'm trying to avoid something that performs worse than what I currently use, thus defeating the idea of an "upgrade" (~2013 MSI gaming laptop, i5-4210M, 8GB RAM, 256 SSD). It works quite well until I get to mixing where I occasionally run into "crackles" and Reaper bog-downs. I am thinking a faster processor with more RAM would cure that? Also, Nana, you mention resolution as a consideration: Does a higher resolution touchscreen improve the responsiveness of the faders being manipulated on a touchscreen?
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