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Default new laptop advice needed.

Hi there,
I am seeking some help, advice and suggestions for a new laptop. I have not done any recording for many years (1/2 inch tape was the last media I used!). So I am embarking on a new project with some analogue and digital synths layering tracks to make epic soundscapes. unfortunately my 10 year old laptop doesn't do the job. So after a few weeks of research I have decided that the best value for money is to have one custom built.I realise a desktop would probably be better but I need portability.
Anyhoo. I have listed some specs below and would be really grateful if there is anyone who could have look and see if I am in the right ballpark.
Many Thanks.
Intel i5 quadcore 8300H processor.
16GB 2400mhz DDR4 RAM (2x8gb)
Geforce 2GB MX150 DDR5 graphics card.
M.2 SSD 500GB Samsung 970 Evo PCle NVMe(3400 mb/s R/ 2300 mb/s W)
I am intending to save all my projects to external drives.

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