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Originally Posted by Nonlinear View Post
Here is a link to all of the WDL-OL iPlug files I have fixed and/or customized with input from others on this forum - try building with the AU files from this folder and see if you get any different results:

You can download demos of my plugins from here:

All of these plugins were built in Xcode 10.3 as 64-bit only. Oli made some changes to WDL-OL for 64-bit builds just before he archived it. Make sure you have his latest version (now ~2 years old).

Again, AFAIK my plugins work properly in Logic Pro X 10.5.1 on all OS (Intel) but not Logic 10.6.1 in any OS - so, IMO, the bug is in Logic. I have reported it to Apple; no reply.

Please tell us where you made the changes, files and lines. I have a much modified version, to update it I need to know what exactly does not work in your case.
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