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Default newbie... some help greatly appreciated!

I'm having issues getting REAPER to open up the sample files... after a lot of chasing around I finally found a version of LAME that should work (one recommended in REAPER user guide didn't help...?? I've installed LAMEfor Windows x 64: LAME_enc64.dll (from ) and download the sample files 1 & 2 recommended from the REAPER USER GUIDE and they were taking forever to install! SO I tried a sample from REAPER samples ... I've done it about 10 times now (and deleted previous ones..)

1) Can't get the sample files to load...

Decided I'd just try making something myself... but...

2) Watching the tutorial on getting started... it doesn't go to the Save Project screen as mentioned in Getting Started Video at 11:32... (but keeps wanting to open up other files in my computer...)

Sigh... any help in plain English would be greatly appreciated
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