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Default Riding MIDI track faders to generate volume automation envelopes


Towards the very end of a project, I like to play the song all the way through and manually 'ride the faders' (using the mouse) in real time to create track volume automation envelopes.

I've come from a Sonar background which (if you didn't know) has dedicated MIDI and audio tracks (plus a combined 'instrument' track)and the volume faders moderate the volume on all types of track.

Unfortunately with Reaper, although the tcp/mcp volume faders work fine with audio tracks and virtual instrument tracks, they *don't* work with MIDI tracks that are triggering external MIDI sound modules.

Has anyone come up with a way of 'mapping' Reaper TCP/MCP faders to a chosen MIDI channel and controller (preferably CC:11 - Expression)??

I understand from a forum search that, with custom actions mapped to an external controller fader, this can be achieved but that's not a solution for me :-(

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