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Originally Posted by bullshark View Post
Still have to run as administrator when install as portable. Not a showstopper, but...why?

Also, if I click "yes" on "run now" after install, I'm presented with a program that's all fudged up ie: forget it is licensed and all my pref are out the crapper.
You mean you have to right-click and then choose "Run as administrator" to get it to install properly? That's not needed here. I guess this depends on where you install it. I install in a subdir (called "Portable (x86)", where I keep all my portable apps) on my desktop, works fine, no hassle.

To not loose your settings when you install, just save reaper.ini prior to install and then copy it over the freshly installed one. I open reaper.ini in a text editor (TextPad) before installing, and then I just save it back from the editor with a quick Ctrl+S.
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