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Originally Posted by studer58 View Post
Kenny..a big thanks to you for the easy to follow and insightful videos...always my first stop when I'm stuck in a rut...and your side-tips and shortcuts are very welcome, and give your videos a big edge over the others.

Maybe you can tell me if this has been covered already in one of your videos...I'm mixing a largish project, 26+ tracks with a Zoom R16 as MIDI surface controller. Folder master faders are assigned to the R16's faders, but so also are the individual tracks within the folder, chewing up valuable physical fader numbers needlessly.

Is there a shortcut where I can get the R16 to ignore the individual tracks, and only recognize the main folder fader(s) ? In other words, can I 'hide' the child tracks within the folders from being seen by the R16 ?

Thanks very much...and keep up the good work !
This is not a direct answer to your question, but for the same reasons as yours (managing large-ish sessions with HW controller) I use VCAs. I put 8 VCA masters at the top of the project and so they are always on the first bank of my controller.
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