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Default voiceover & audiobook production

Just found this thread and wanted to offer up my 2c.

IMHO, your videos are invaluable!

I am a professional voiceover artist. You are a professional sound engineer and music producer. I cannot fathom how egocentric and narcissistic someone would have to be to knock your delivery and teaching style. You are clean, clear and concise. Your Reaper knowledge is obviously vast and second to none. And you deliver the information without sounding condescending or in any way superior.

I don't do multi-track music production. I am a mere voice actor and audiobook narrator/producer. Sometimes I am required to add a music bed to my voiceover work, and your side-chain compression (ducking) video was just what I needed for that aspect of my work. In fact, I saved a template just for that purpose.

Hopefully this will work. I am including a screenshot of my Reaper tweaks. The theme is based on the Commala_Light theme with a CyanogenMod color scheme. Iíve got it as streamlined as I can get it for my VO recording work.
I would request that, if you are so inclined, to do a video on some specifics on recording and processing voiceover in general, and audiobooks in particular.

Audible Studios in Newark, New Jersey is now using Reaper (along with SoundForge) to record and master audiobooks. Their mastering requirements are rather specific. I am still trying to hone my FX chain. Iíve done 30+ audiobooks for them so far and have not had one rejected by Audibleís QC. But there is always room for refinement.

Thanks again for some excellent work.
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