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Default Has Kenny done a "Songwriting in Reaper" tutorial ?

I have seen many of Kenny's videos - all the Reaper Explained 4 and 5, Signal Flow, Mixing in Reaper and watched all the Youtube links on Reaper Mania website. I have also seen Kenny's vids that he did on the Pro Tools platform. And there are a couple there like "Music Production With Pro Tools Vol 1" that I found interesting from the production / tracking P.O.V. There are a coupe of pretty good Logic songwriting Tutorials out there as well that others have done.

I have not seen Kenny's new 8 hour mixing tutorial. But a Reaper Tutorial from a song writing P.O.V. would be interesting. Maybe kind of like the "Song Craft" guys do but with a little less of their preamble/pre-production stuff and more a Reaper song-building tracking vid from finding the tempo, getting headphone mix (like the new UAD real-time fx monitoring stuff can do), to the scratch tracks, to building up the song, adding virtual instruments, Kontact, Overdubs, etc.

Reaper doesn't seem to have allot of the "song-writing" tools built in like Logic and Studio One has - but perhaps a Song-building / Tracking Tutorial could incorporate EZ Mix, EZ Keys, and EZ Drummer as parallels to the studio One and Logic tools? As well as a Reaper Synth and Reaper Electronic Drum Machine incorporated in a couple of the episodes. Logic and Pro Tools have some interesting tutorials that have highlighted their incorporated synth and EDM drum tools.

Wouldn't you agree that allot of kids could really dig that kind of Reaper Tutorial?

How about it Kenny? You got another one in ya?

Thanks for all the great stuff Kenny,


PS: "How ya doin ... I'm Kenny Gioia, welcome to another one of my tutorials." (tempo 300)
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