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Yeah G-Sun.

I trust my ears anyway and i notice the results anyway on other speakers/phones later on so i learn and adapt no matter what i doo, i'm forced to/no choice. so we agree there i think.
That said, should i go All flat right now as we speak, that would easy translate in a way to bassy mix as an end result and boosting that SC-EQ little bit will force me to go down on the too much bas and/plus! i will actually hear and notice the low end way better when i sweep the EQ in Reaper When, i have the SC-EQ on.
I seem to be consistent atleast when i mix so i will know where the bas boost needs to be sooner or later and, if the results is satisfactory well, if it sounds good it's good?
Would i change to the Behringer or what ever other then SC-EQ to compensate, then i would need to trial and error abit for sure, but i will end up with the sound i have now.

- As a general rule, no eq pre Reaper. -
I need to know Why even if it might be obvious to you.

Is an EQ after Reaper better then? if yes, Why?
If the monitor would have an built in 60hz knob say, would that be better even than the (after Reaper EQ)? if yes, Why?

Feel free to hop in people! i find this interesting.

Ps. No fighting though!
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