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Originally Posted by mrelwood View Post
It's about time to bring you guys some good news!

1) New Plugin: FriGate!
FriGate is a gate plugin with a lot of features and functionality:
- Lots of sources for gate open and close, including sidechain, duration and note length.
- Thresholds, hysteresis, slope duration, min. gate open duration, min. gate closed duration, pre-open, range, inverted source for Close...
- Waveform history for all four input channels
- Gate gain history
- Long pre-open & slope create a great "Reverse" effect!

Introduction video:

2) Big update for LinkEQ ... 0.86!
- New top bar with many new adjustments!
- Added adjustable HP & LP filters
- Increased max nodes to 10
- Individual graph curves for Stereo, Mid, Side, Left, and Right!
- Many small visual and operational improvements
- Inactive CPU leak fix

Both plugins now available at

Be safe everybody!

Oh yeah looking forward to try them as soon as I have some time! Very happy to see that gate coming
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