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Originally Posted by osxmidi View Post
My guess would be that since Windows hardware drivers are not supported in Wine (because of many technical reasons) that Muse Research might have got (licensed) programming specs from ILok and then wrote a Linux driver for their receptor system.
I was emailing with the guy who did it a few years back. And he said he didn't get any help from PACE. He did the wine tweaks on his own.

Originally Posted by osxmidi View Post
All wine processes using the same wineserver (i.e.: same user) share certain things like registry, shared memory and kernel objects.

Also, any instance of a vst needs it's own block of shared memory to copy (that vst instance's) audio etc from a Linux process to a Wine process and the shared memory needs to be large enough to cover the amount (of that vst instance's) audio tracks.
Do this as a test. Load 16 instances of Kontakt on 16 tracks in Reaper with no instruments loaded. On my system (Manjaro/KDE) with latest Wine Staging, each instance of Kontakt takes up 250MB when looking at system memory usage. So it does not seem to be sharing memory. On Windows, the first instance of Kontakt will take 250MB and then every other instance of Kontakt takes a very small amount of memory.

Next test, load two instances of Kontakt, each with the same instrument. In Windows, only the first instrument instance is loaded into memory. The second duplicate instrument shares memory with the first and doesn't add to the memory usage. In Linux/Wine, they each take up the same amount of memory - so double the memory usage. Again, indicating that memory is not being shared in Wine.

Originally Posted by osxmidi View Post
I think I've got the vst instance shared memory at around 5MB or so, and it could go down a bit more.
I'm very sorry if I'm not understanding here, but shouldn't the shared memory per VST instance be MUCH higher for instruments like Kontakt? 5MB won't even load the blank plugin with no samples loaded. Having only 5MB of shared memory for multiple Kontakt instances or Omnispheres etc. doesn't seem like it would be of any help at all.
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