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You're welcome. I'm new to using video as well, but I'll try to work through this with you as best i can until someone more knowledgeable steps in.

Which file types are you using and with what audio codecs?
Have you tried converting the video files to another format (container/codecs) prior to importing to see if that helps?

Gluing definitely relies on the Playback Resample Mode in Project Settings and can have a great affect on the quality of the glued file.

If you didn't render a new video file incorporating the glued files then playback of the original should be the same as before you loaded it into Reaper since Reaper seems to be trying to keep the video editing non-destructive just like audio editing is.

The files I've been trying to work with will play fine in VLC, but they will not import into Reaper at all. Some of the conversions I tried would get the audio only but not the video. I've switched to using HandBrake to convert the files to another container/codec combination prior to importing into Reaper and that seems to have solved the problem I was having, but the settings I used are not providing the quality I was looking for. So, I'm still trying to find the right conversion settings to get the result I'm after. You could also try converting from within VLC using the Media > Convert / Save... command. The options and capabilities of conversion are not as robust as HandBrake's though.

Good luck!
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