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Default Bad sound from imported video files

I'm having problems playing back the sound from video files. When I drag a .mov file in (on mac) reaper will play the video via VLC. This is varifiable in the preferences. VLC 2.0 is loaded.

If I copy the item to a new track and render the item as audio the new file has the same audible artifacts. - It sounds badly bit reduced and full of clipping sounds and kind of out of tune.

If I open the video file outside of reaper in an instance of VLC it plays perfectly.

This has only started happening since I upgraded my hard drive to SSD. I figured out I needed another old version of VLC on this new drive along with reaper and the only version that would play the video at all was the copy on of VLC my old drive which I just dragged across.

I'm on mac snow leopard, reaper 5.311 (32 bit) VLC 2.0.4 (32 bit)

Has anyone any idea what's not working?
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