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Originally Posted by ashcat_lt View Post
Do you want to probably have to change the send level every time you adjust the fader, or just let the fader do it for you?

If the reverb bus is showing +10, then whatever is coming out of that fader is hitting +10. If itís not still at +10 when it gets to the submaster, then WTF is turning it back down after the fader?!? The only thing I can think would be the send level, but Iím not looking at it and you didnít answer me the first time. If it IS still +10 when it gets to the sub, then something is definitely wrong.
Sorry, didn't see your initial post.

The submaster is clipping.

It goes to a master fx buss, which is basically where I put all my 2buss processing. So master comp, eq, tape emu. That dumps to a final empty submaster, then the actual Reaper master.

I'm also generally not sending from individual tracks either. All my individual channels go to submixes in the mixer. So: lead gtrs, rhy. gtrs, bass/keys, drums, sub vocal, lead vocals, bgvs. I learned this method from Tod. There's all kinds of built-in redundancies.

I have been send from the submixes to the verb. I'll try to diagram in text.

Reaper Master:

Master: Master FX: SubMaster: Bass/Keys: Lead Gtrs: Rhy Gtrs: Drums:

SubVox: Lead Vox: BGV:

Verb Bass/Keys/Drums: Verb Gtrs: Verb Vox

I hope this makes sense.
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