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Originally Posted by jayendra View Post
Image-line deckadance works in the PC version of Reaper but when You your VST plugs in Reaper it crashes and exits.

Also.... Dimension Pro by cakewalk does this

EDIT* After 'window float selected fx' and then closing that window, the original fx window has now restored the whole picture of dimension.

I docked the plugin and its doing the same as others have posted - Even when I change tabs, dimension stays on top of everything else that is docked i.e. the mixer.
yep...I can confirm this happens for both Dimension Pro and Rapture - latest versions.

Another quick fix for this is to click the "UI" button twice and the full picture is then restored.

So obviously whatever coding the UI button does in between helps to restore the full images of both plugins. Who knows...maybe doing this will also fix issues that others are having with their plugins.
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