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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
Xpander, what do you mean by "you can't save everything"?
Actually what I said and meant quite literally was "it seems you can't save anything". The bug in Inkscape 1.47 and also in the 1.48pres that I've tried is that when you choose the "Save as..." option, it seems that the screen just freezes and nothing happens. I spend quite a while trying to get this to work, and eventually just spent most of the day doing all my stuff without saving. That's why my icons are not as even and smooth as I wanted them to be, I simply lost track of all the changes, undos and redos without any reference.

Then I learned from some other users that the "Save as..." screen IS actually there, but because of the bug, you just can't see it. So I would just choose "Save as.." and then, without actually seeing anything on the screen, would type in the file name I would like and hit Enter. "The blind way". There's an option in preferences to save to the last used directory, so you'd also know where the stuff went.

Apparently this bug, which they for obvious reasons titled critical, doesn't appear on all systems. Hope they get it fixed, unfortunately the new pres so far have had the same thing happening.

Originally Posted by Xplora View Post
Has 3.66 broken the toolbar?
Mine has worked just fine, but last night I did lose one of my custom colors? The funny things is, all I was doing was messing with MIDI stuff and menus, I never even touched the floating toolbar or its settings while doing that. Then when I went to change some colors, one of them was missing. The icon was still there, but the color was something else. To top that, after that I couldn't even record new MIDI tracks anymore, no matter what I tried. Got frustrated, closed the puter and played gtr for 4 hours, now that felt good. Maybe I'll get back to Reaper today, and see where we're at...


For anybody reading thru this later;

The official release version of Inkscape 1.48 seems to have fixed the save screen problem mentioned above.

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