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Originally Posted by tombuur View Post
Maybe for fools like me you should change "select import" to "press ímport/export button" ...
Will do, thanks.

Originally Posted by tombuur View Post
Now I just need to figure out how I can color the toolbar buttons with my own chosen colors.
You are going to need Photoshop or GIMP for that. Here's the PSD file with layers which I used to make the icons, you can then use the "Desaturated WT icon" layer with "Colorize" function, to change the color of the button to what you want.

Attachment 8592

Remember that icons have to have the SAME NAME for them in order to work, either that, or you will have to save the icons with your own names, put them into Reaper appdata folder/Data/toolbar_icons, and then use Customize menu to edit all 16 toolbar icons... it's not quite easy to do it if you're a proud newbie in this.

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