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Thanks for your quick reply.

I have tried the Midi Learn as (I think) you are suggesting. What I was originally trying to do is toggle the FX bypass parameter using specific CC note values from my expression pedal, such that values closer to 0 (say <10) would toggle the wah FX off, and values above that value (the bulk of the wah range) would keep the wah FX on. I tried the Midi Learn -> Mode option of "127=-1, 1=+1" but haven't been able to do what I want with that approach. (Hopefully that would work if I found the right option to turn on/off?)

After experimenting I have found that a solution may be found in being able to alternate between Note On and Note off in the same CC signal. I am able to send a midi signal using ReaRack2 Audio->Midi, which turns the target FX on when any signal is sent, and turns the target FX off when the signal is stopped, which suggests I need something that can send alternating Note On and Note Off signals. I have not been able to find such a filter in ReaPack or among the plugins I already have.

Is this a fruitful approach?

Or can I do something that lets me use Midi Learn (127+-1, 1=+1)?
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