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Originally Posted by jiwanshakti View Post
OK, thanks, good to understand that aspect of the search capabilities for the forum. I couldn't figure that out, why it wasn't finding things I knew were there.

Interesting link, but still seems over my head at this point. Again, at my level of understanding I am looking for some resource that helps me tie all this stuff together in a basic way. Maybe if I keep reading it will eventually come together for me.
have you tried any of the Kenny videos? I went from never using a midi keyboard with reaper to laying down tracks in one evening of following along with his midi vids.
They do help understand with the "setup" as it were. Check out the MIDI & Virtual Instruments section.

I started with the "Creating a Live Drum Kit" vid, and by the time I was done with all three short vids I can load any sample, VSTi, effect etc.. and can save it to load into a track any time, ready to go.
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