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Default Trying to integrate controller, Reaper, and VSTs

Hi, Iím trying to figure out how to integrate a keyboard/controller (an Akai MPK mini/Mk. II, my first) with Reaper as my DAW, a Presonus AR12USB board, and at least as a start, Kontakt as a VST. Iíve been recording multitrack OK with the Reaper/Presonus setup for a couple of years, not brilliant but enough to get by, and arranging percussion tracks from loops (Loopcloud). The controller seemed like a good next step to be able to have pads and create the percussion tracks from scratch. As of now I am totally at sea, donít understand MIDI, VSTs, controllers, or any of it, so am just sort of floundering around. I do have the full Reaper manual and have been working from that. Even though the MPK has itís own software, from the few posts Iíve been able to find on that and Reaper, I can just use Reaper and plug Kontakt into that as well. Still working on that.

The manual for the MPK is useless and there is no other doc on the Akai website, and the videos Iíve been able to find so far have also been useless. Maybe what I need is a recommendation for a book or manual out there that gives a broad overview of how to get a handle on all this--this is not a one-shot question, but more like how do I even find the resources to figure this out. Something that explains how all the parts fit together.

I do have the MPC Essentials, MPK mini MIDI editor, and VIP installed, and each of those pieces of software has a user guide that looks more comprehensive that the guide for the MPK hardware (useless), so those may help as I work my way through them. Any help or advice on all this would be appreciated. ThanksÖ
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