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This is rather odd, but OK, so the plugin should output appropriate Midi messages, and the [Param] ... way can be used to control the plugin via DAW parameter automation. No problem. (Seemingly Respiro is a VST3 - and not a VST2. The original VST3 specification did not allow for Midi CC or Program Change receive, Steinberg only added this at a later point in time. Maybe you might want to notify the programmer of the plugin about this.)

I once did a "Song patch stepping" JSFX that does what you seem to want to have in a much more sophisticated way (you can do a two level programming of the intended stepping sequence). I made this for a friend of mine who uses it with Reaper and his wind controllers. A description is here -> .

I anyway planned to enhance same to be able to be controlled via Midi switches, but I never did so, as I don't own or have use for such switches (yet), nor the said friend has, who is happily using the computer keyboard for this purpose.

Do prefer a simple plugin that just does what you describe, or do you think it makes sense to have the enhanced "Patch and Transpose Plugin" in a Midi controllable version ?


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