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I think the ideal is to use the "alternate" repeaks folder automatically for samples from read-only media, whether the user keeps project repeaks in project folders or not.

This does require, though, that the "alternate" folder be configured ahead of time - perhaps the user could be prompted if a repeaks folder doesn't exist and they try to use read-only files. A prompt that allowed one to fix it would be better than a "you can't do that" error that required one to go find the preference manually.

I haven't checked this - if I have a bunch of files called "snare.wav" in a bunch of project folders, and I edit them all with different wave editors, does REAPER keep the repeaks files straight if they're all in the same folder?

If it does, why even have the "repeaks in project folder" option? Who would use it, and what for?

Related question - does REAPER know how to clean the repeaks folder? or should one empty it and let REAPER rebuild them? how often?

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