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Originally Posted by Lokasenna View Post
1. Hands up, anyone who can hear the difference between a high-end modeller and a real amp/cab in a live setting.

If any of you guys put your hand up, I'd like you to know that you're a liar. These days it can be tough to tell them apart just listening to a solo'ed guitar on studio monitors, let alone through whatever gigantic PA your venue has.

2. As ED said, more and more bands are going with modellers for their touring needs. Among others, Testament, Exodus, Blind Guardian, Muse, Lonestar, Fear Factory I think, plus the session guys for Madonna, Adele, Rihanna... I forget who else, but there's usually a new "Kemper spotting" picture on their Facebook every couple of days. And that's just Kemper - half the kids these days are running around with AxeFX rigs.

As long as you've got a sturdy shockmount case, they aren't subjected to any more stress than the rest of your equipment, and are pretty reliable in general. On top of that, given the choice between a 100w head, a 4x12, and a huge pedalboard, or a Kemper in a little rack with a remote switch... it's a no-brainer for anyone who can't afford a road crew.
Have you ever used a modeler/sim in a band setting? I have. It sucked in all cases. I have tried both a modeling amp, and software amp simulators through a power amp/cab, and through a p.a.

As far as using them live, even if sims did sound up to the part (they don't), the chances of some venue having a nice enough sound system that would get that sound across to work well in a band are pretty damn slim.
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