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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
I see more and more bands performing live with a Kemper, so yeah...

It's not junk.
I usually agree with EVERYTHING you have to say ED, but I also see more and more people releasing commercial "albums" that were mastered with "mastering suites" and even online solutions (like LANDR). Just because people use something doesn't automatically mean that they are as good as "real" stuff. I think that while much of the new tech is indeed very awesome, there is (in my opinion) also a "dumbing down" of people's ears going on. People are accepting different things as "good enough" more and more. Heck, many people are ok with listening to their music on earbuds and little smart-phone speakers. The Kempers do indeed sound awesome, as do a few software amp-sims. But I do not believe (again, my opinion) that they sound "real", not enough for me.
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