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krevy: "Hey, my playing most certainly isnt worthy of a great amp, I play some rhythm, but live play Bass, and I usually use my Ampeg rig, not the kemper.

The Kemper is usually kept safe and sound at the studio where clients (who can play guitar much better than myself) certainly make that thing sing. We also record through classic vox/marshal/fender amps, but the kemper gets 95% of the way there in so much less time.

The same can be said for any equipment.. do we really need expensive pre-amps, expensive monitors, ...?"

Depends, you know. For live electric bass guitar, there are few amps that sound as good as the Ampeg SVT thru the large 8X10 Ampeg cab. This rig costs REAL money.

Monitor speakers? If you want to make professional tunes with your PC you will need some decent monitors. Gonna cost at least $500 minimum for the cheapest pair.

Thing with an amp like a Kemper IS just like what you say, you can't really take it anywhere and you always gotta be ready to pee yourself if it gets damaged or stolen, etc., etc. (And no music store tech can fix one, either.) The same reason I don't take old Martin acoustics to practically any gigs.
Why own something you got to worry about constantly?

I tell ya, though, if I were in the market right now to drop $2k for a good amp head, I'd get another REAL amp head, like a TwoRock or a Dr. Z. You know, a real guitar amp, not some faddish, over-fiddly techno-toy.

There are only about 4 -- yeah, 4 -- studio session players in the whole country that might need to have the sound of 20, 30, 100 different guitar amps. The whole concept is "cute" at best, but I'd rather call it a science project and basically just dumb. This comes from no "amp envy" or the like, either. I've played for decades and have more guitars and gear than most of ya put together. I'm just saying: FIND YOUR SOUND. Buy 2-3 real amps and be done with it. Who wants a goofy looking head with a hundred stupid knobs. Overpriced German junk, as usual.
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