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Originally Posted by Kainer View Post
Izotope Ozone 3 Vst still showing surface errors.
As AU it is working fine.

Can check this with izotope vinyl vst (free).

Reaper 3.02 intel
I've being trying to get the Izotope Vinyl plugin to work properly, but I'm running into the same issues I had with Waves plugins on 64-bit reaper in OSX:

The plugin GUI displays properly but the buttons/sliders do not engage when you click on them. Instead you have to find the right place to click to engage every button/slider (i.e. a few inches off to the left...) It's impossible to work with it.

I have my VSTs set to size both up and down, as that's the only way 64-bit Waves plugins will display properly.

Any ideas on how to solve?

Thanks all.
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