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I am having the same problem on a Dell desktop PC - but only recently.

Have used ASIO4ALL with no problems for months. Used both internal PC soundcard (SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC) and external USB guitar interface input/output port for simulataneous REAPER inputs and outputs.
Recently disconnected the USB port to clear deskspace for some other priorities, intending to continue using REAPER & ASIO4ALL through the PC's internal soundcard only.
But... now no sound output and REAPER Preferences - Audio Device lists only "Not Connected 1" in the Output range First and Last drop downs.

Worth trying....?

1) In REAPER Preferences - Audio Device, click the ASIO Configuration button to open the ASIO4ALL devices list. Check the displayed status of input and output devices in the ASIO4ALL list. Click any + symbols to expand list and check details. Adjust anything that looks a likely fix. Click icons at the left of inputs to turn on and off.

2) Then close down and restart REAPER.

3) Then check REAPER Preferences - Audio Device, to see if output is now visible to REAPER.

Doing 1 2 3 above on my PC, the ASIO4ALL configuration window does show the onboard soundcard output as being present and correct. REAPER still can't see it though... hmmm???

Temporary fix: I have switched REAPER Preferences Audio Device - Audio System = WaveOut. The sound output is now working. Have not tried recording with that setup but expect huge latency as WaveOut is a non-ASIO driver. So still need to get ASIO4ALL and REAPER to be working together on input and output again.

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