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Default ASIO4All Setup with REALTek HD Audio Driver

It might be the redundant topic but I haven't found an answer for my problem. so please let me ask again.

I am trying to do some basic recording on my Netbook (msi u100) with on-board REALTEK Audio chip. I know I can't expect anything decent with a netbook's onboard chip but since the REAPER is very Light weighed in terms of CPU consumption, I just want to use it as a sketch book that can be used in any place without having to connect any outboard interfaces.
Anyway, A problem I am encountering is that I CANNOT HEAR ANYTHING WITH ASIO4ALL DRIVER.
ASIO4ALL seems to be the inevitable solution in order to avoid any latencies, however, while the recording on first track works fine recording on other tracks is impossible because monitoring on recorded track is disabled since the ASIO4ALL doesn't recognise the REALTEK Audio Out signals.
The Output range in device setting indicates the status as 'Not Connected' if I choose ASIO4ALL.

Is it something to do BIOS? or Compatibility?
Could anyone please explain what the hell is wrong here? or Am I just trying something very stupid to use a netbook as a multi-track-recorder in a first place?
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