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This honestly bothers me so much. Is this the future of REAPER Themes for v6? I feel like even if you can make it look pretty, the functionality and responsiveness will always be compromised by this flaw. It kinda makes folders unusable.

This is how it was:

You have all controls aligned.
The track name is responsive.
Mute and solo button makes way more sense this way.
The track indent connects directly to the children track.

Then you have this in V6:

Track name is no longer responsive.
Track indents honestly look so out of place.
And the worst part is how nothing is no longer aligned vertically. Makes it so chaotic!

But you can align the track controls with the theme adjuster:

Except that it just breaks your project!
Have 4-5 subfolder levels and suddenly you can't even see any parameter in TCP.
I don't understand how anyone would even use that
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