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Originally Posted by xpander View Post
Possible, otherwise you wouldn't see those things in v5 either...but maybe the first crucial question would be, what are you willing to lose from v6 default theme features, including the possibility to use the Theme adjuster on given layouts? Nothing is ok answer too, but means rebuild of the theme and the related scripts.
Yes I don't want to loose the Theme adjuster, I guess an extra TCP "folder" layout would do the job for me.

Originally Posted by lerian View Post
This is the best i could do, will release in few days, i keep finding things that needs to be fixed. Oh, and only 1080p atm.
Yes that's look better! But the left edge is still too "angular" to me comparing to the v5 version.

I made an empty folder track for a starting point. (see attachment)

1. I copied some line (I don't remember where from) to rtconfig which gave me a simple folder layout with the collapse button on the right side of the track (no track number but for this purpose I don't need it)

Layout "Custom - Folder + label" "custom folder label"
clear tcp.*
set tcp.size [400 100 80 .]
set tcp.label h<40 [12 40 344 19 0 0.5 1 0.5] [12 40 344 19 0 0.5 1 0.5] ;the 2nd value, top edge of control must match the compared to height value which is 40
set tcp.label.margin [. . . . 0.5]
set tcp.label.color [233 233 233]
set tcp.foldercomp [382 0 18 19 1 0 1 0]
set tcp.folder h<32 [0] [382 86 18 14 1 1 1 1] ;to force button remain visible in fully collapsed state remove condition h<32 [0], might want to disable tcp.foldercomp button so it looks prettier

2. I changed the *fcomp* files with transparent background and only a 90°rotated ">" which can be nice in some font types.

At this point can I place buttons back? And how? Still would be cool to make the track left edge cut like in v5.
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