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Okay... I've been faffing again

I wasn't happy with certain elements and I felt that I needed to fix.

For starters, I'm not sure why, but the position of the 1px border along the edge of a Mixer panel switched from the right hand side in the V5 default theme to the left hand side in the V6 default theme.

I like that border.

But when it is on the left hand side the last track doesn't have a border. And that was one gripe. And it took quite a while to fix too, having to change quite a few images and understanding how they worked and getting those pink lines right.

On the positive side, I learned a few more tricks yesterday which allowed me to simplify some of my elements. Nothing worth documenting here I don't think.

Here is how the MCP is currently looking:-

And the TCP:-

I actually like all those 1px borders now. I had added a 1px border around some of the buttons early on and I now think that having the 1px border around more of the different section like the meter and the effects/sends sections works much better now.

Regarding the Master track in the MCP, I have modified all those images to have a 1px border around the whole panel. I think it looks so much better now.

I think what I might do next is see if I can add a 1px border to the top of the Transport section...

Obviously still a very basic and flat theme but this has been my intention all along.


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