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I guess I just can't put this thing down... It is like an addiction and I may never make music again...


Having been looking at my Mixer Control panel I decided that there were some things that I wasn't totally happy about but at the time couldn't be bother sussing out how to fix. So this morning I decided to remedy that.

This is how it was looking before this morning:-

I decided I didn't like the graphics for the Record Monitoring button, so I am hoping I have improved that. As well as changing the "speaker" image slightly I also made the button bigger and added a bit of text which says what the current mode is, "off," "on" and "auto." And the auto mode button is now a blue speaker instead of a red-ish colour.

I changed the text of the Input button from white to black. I think it now fits in better the the buttons directly above.

I changed the pan label text from white to black. Again, I think this fits in better and is still readable and of good contrast regardless of the colour of the tracks (based on my chose palette). And it enabled me to get rid of the background for that label as I thought it looked a bit naff.

Previously I hadn't sussed out where the background of the unlit meters was coming from and I was living with the slightly lighter shade of grey. Now I realise that the meter_strip_v.png and meter_clip_v.png images took care of that. I should have looked at that earlier but had other fish to fry. Now all of the area around the meter and volume fader are the same shade of grey.

One last thing, which I am not entirely sure about yet is, I have hidden the track ID number. For me, in both the Track Control Panel and the Mixer Control Panel that ID number wasn't telling me anything.

I have kept everything else with regards to the IDX element as I use that to tell me what tracks are selected. I have never liked the tinting of track colours when selecting them.

Here is how it is looking now:-

One thing that you may notice is that I don't go for a solid dark line which represents the slot behind the volume fader. I found that I didn't like the coloured tint that it was given when any envelope trim mode was set. That tinting went right across the width of the fader area whereas the option I have gone for, which is the "naked" version, just tints the slot itself.

I'm wondering what I can do next.......
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