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Default Mixer Control Panel... Made a start...

Hi Peeps

Been slaving over a hot 'Puter making progress with the Mixer Control Panel.

I've created 19 new images using the Affinity vector graphics software. So much easier with this thing and I have even had a go at creating something a bit more "interesting." Not difficult looking at what I created for the TCP. As you will see, I have rounded off the corners of the rectangles.

I have also created an AutoCAD drawing in order to map out the Track Panel. I found that faffing around placing stuff willy nilly on the panel was not good. So I am now planning elements out instead.

So, here is how the MCP is looking at the moment:-

Main panel still empty...

Took me some time to work out what was happening with the folder buttons. A coding thing. And also coming up with something original.

I don't have the skills to get the MCP tracks that are in folders indented. I don't want to copy code from existing themes verbatim. I am trying as much as I can to create code that I understand.

At the top of the Mixer Panel I have gone for a similar layout to the R5 default theme.

The I/O routing buttons needed 8 images!

Okay... Back to it
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