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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
You can also save a list of them and there are actions to paste four:

SWS/S&M: Open/close Resources window (FX chains)----_S&M_SHOWFXCHAINSLOTS
SWS/S&M: Resources - Auto-save FX chains for selected tracks----_S&M_SAVE_FXCHAIN_SLOT1
SWS/S&M: Resources - Paste (replace) FX chain to selected tracks, slot 1----_S&M_TRACKFXCHAIN1 etc
thanks, but what I was hoping to accomplish here were a handful of fx chains that I could call up with an action (IE, a button press on the C4) in which I could have several different "sounds" to pick from and mix with. Right now I just have 1 already loaded on all tracks in my template. I want to leave them blank and just press "Channel Strip 1" with this set of plugs, or "channel strip 2" for a different set, etc. I think Reaper just needs to add that feature...

Anywho, been a wild ride last couple of days! Wooooo!
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