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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
Here's a new version of the C4 FX Configurator. It includes Geoff's additions to the code and integrates with the new ZoneRawFXFiles and ZoneFXFiles folders introduced in a recent CSI build.

I haven't changed the look of it yet, let's see how the functionality goes Feedback/questions appreciated.
After I OPEN FX (which took me into the folder beautifully) and select a txt file.
I'm not seeing the body of text from the txt file, just the name, I know it's all there just not visible.(If i click up in the "formula bar" box of excel where the name is showing, I can see "wet"

It would be SOOO cool if each of the boxes was a drop down menu and in it you could pick the line from the txt file you wanted in that position.
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