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Originally Posted by hangnef View Post
When I add my first instrument, the rectangle appears under Master and kinda wobbles around in a circle until I grab it and move it far away.
Huh, that's odd. Are you adding it through hackey machines? Because it should only auto-place stuff that was added from outside the hackey machines environment. This wobbling was meant for it to gravitate towards a semi-optimal position for tracks that don't have an explicit position yet. It simulates springs between all the machines.

Originally Posted by hangnef View Post
Also, when I shift right click to see my plugins, is it possible to see the "VST Folders" view?
Currently, I don't think so. Is this view stored anywhere in the reaper dirs?

I mean, it's a bit of a pain, but I would recommend setting up a list of the plugins you use often with F10. It costs a bit of time once, but then it's convenient, since you'll have the structure exactly how you want it.

Through I found a link to one, but it wasn't a VST binary. I'd be willing to give this a shot, but my understanding is the Buzz author requires paying a license for his SDK.
Yeah, I thought that was the case as well. I remember looking into wrapping buzzmachines before, but this made me decide against developing something for it.
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