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Originally Posted by Reflected View Post
1. I wish that we could do this amazing fx routings without the need to add track per effect. but i guesss this is not possible because of how reaper works. (so we could also make complex effects routings inside one track)
If you install mpl's trackwiring (see, this routing window opens it when you ctrl + doubleclick a track.

Originally Posted by Reflected View Post
2. I miss the feature to drag and drop plugins from the fx window to hackey machines directly.
I'll look into whether it is possible to support this.

Originally Posted by Reflected View Post
3. pressing F10 - showing me your list of plugins and not mine. :P
Yes, you're supposed to make your own list. It's supposed to be so you can make a favourites list of your own. If you hold shift while pressing the outer mouse you see a list of all your plugins

4. could be useful if Ctrl + left click on the wire Arrows will Mute the connection.
I've added it on the to-do list.

ps - I wish that someone you will work with justin and schwa on reaper to create things like this built in.
I think they are working on a track-wiring view
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