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FYI update:

CSI now reads Action template files, here are a few files:

Console1.axt contents:

DisplayFX SetShowFXWindows

Track/Console1.axt contents:

ChannelFader TrackVolume
ChannelRotary TrackPan 0
ChannelMute TrackMute
ChannelSolo TrackSolo
ChannelInputMeterLeft TrackOutputMeter 0
ChannelInputMeterRight TrackOutputMeter 1
ChannelOutputMeterLeft TrackOutputMeter 0
ChannelOutputMeterRight TrackOutputMeter 1
TrackOnSelection MapTrackAndFXToWidgets

MCU.axt contents:

NudgeLeft TrackBank -1
NudgeRight TrackBank 1
BankLeft TrackBank -8
BankRight TrackBank 8
Rewind Rewind
FastForward FastForward
Stop Stop
Play Play
Record Record
NextMap NextMap
LockTracks ImmobilizeSelectedTracks
UnlockTracks MobilizeSelectedTracks
Shift Shift
Option Option
Control Control
Alt Alt
Read TrackAutoMode
Write TrackAutoMode
Trim TrackAutoMode
Touch TrackAutoMode
Latch TrackAutoMode
Group TrackAutoMode
ShiftRead GlobalAutoMode
ShiftWrite GlobalAutoMode
ShiftTrim GlobalAutoMode
ShiftTouch GlobalAutoMode
ShiftLatch GlobalAutoMode
ShiftGroup GlobalAutoMode
Save Reaper 40026
ShiftSave Reaper 40022
Undo Reaper 40029
ShiftUndo Reaper 40030
Marker Reaper 40172
ShiftMarker Reaper 40157
OptionMarker Reaper 40174
Nudge Reaper 40173
Cycle CycleTimeline
Click Reaper 40364
Zoom LatchedZoom
Scrub LatchedScrub

Track/MCU.axt contents:

ChannelDisplay TrackNameDisplay
TrackTouchControlled TrackVolumeDisplay ChannelDisplay
ChannelFader TrackVolume
ChannelFaderTouch TrackTouch
Cycled ChannelRotaryPush ChannelRotary TrackPan 0 TrackPanWidth 3
ChannelSelect TrackUniqueSelect
ShiftChannelSelect TrackRangeSelect
ControlChannelSelect TrackSelect
ChannelRecordArm TrackRecordArm
ChannelMute TrackMute
ChannelSolo TrackSolo
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