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If I'm reading this correctly then it should be possible to send a message to change the preset.

From the manual:

19.3 Preset selection
There are four ways of selecting a memory preset:
1. Press Ď= PRESETĒ or ĎPRESET <í on the BC. See ß23.5 for discussion.
2. Send a Program Change MIDI message to the BC. Specifically: $Cn MemoryPreset!1, where n
is equal to .rxchís ReceiveChannel !1.
3. Send Behringerís SysEx command $22 to the BC, specifying the desired memory preset.
4. Send a BCL chain to the BC containing a recall statement: $recall MemoryPreset.
Any of these preset selection methods causes the BC to execute the following sequence of actions:
1. The BC copies the selected memory presetís settings to the temporary preset. Note that this does
not include the Value settings of the memory presetís elements, since these Value settings arenít
actually part of the memory preset as such.
2. If the presetís Request setting is on, the BC sends any MIDI bytes defined in the presetís LEARN
output (as defined via one or more .tx statements).
3. If the presetís Snapshot setting is on, the BC sends any standard and/or custom output defined for
the presetís elements. See ß23.4.

Item 2 sounds like the ticket.
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