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Originally Posted by rschlierbeck View Post
Hi Geoff,

First, thank you for doing this.

I don't have much experience with control surfaces but I can talk about how I use my BCR2000. I tried to get Klink's plugin running but I was never able to. I'm sure it's just something I did wrong.

here is how I have been using the BCR2000.

I Leave P1 at the default for use with my MIDI 2 LR program. In REAPER I use P2.
In P2 All encoders have been changed to relative.
The top row maps to send levels on whatever channel is selected in the MCP but I only use the first 4 encoders. The second 4 don't see any action.
Then on the bottom 24 encoders, I have the left most group (column 1) mapped so that the bottom encoder adjusts the volume fader of the selected track. The next encoder up adjusts the pan of the selected track.
Columns 2 through 8 are used for plugin parameter control. I open the plugin I want to use and try to match the encoders to the layout of the plugin and use the Param MIDI Learn feature. The attached picture should help.

Here is my ideal (dream) setup

I would like to use a different preset group (P2, P3, P4...) for each plugin so that I could mix and match the encoder styles, absolute vs relative, to suit the plugin being controlled. When I select the plugin I would like the BCR2000 to jump to the correct preset. Maybe leave P1 for track control so that each column of encoders map to a bank of 8 tracks.

I'm not sure if this is the kind of input you are looking for but it is what I think would make the BCR2000 nearly perfect.

Thanks again for all your work.

Thanks for the input, always welcomed and appreciated.

As far as your dream solution, I think the key is whether we can send a preset change to the BCR2000 by midi, do you know if that's possible ?

If so, I think your ideal could be realized.
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