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New build is up:

This one adds a funky feature that you likely wouldn't really use, but it does illustrate a use case.

If your track is peaking the Mute light acts as a clip indicator !

Whaaa ?

Well, if the track is not muted, the mute light is unused.

I know, another contrived example.

Yes, but this one has a point and shows we have achieved what we were going for in Phase 1, the Triple Lindy, actions definable at so fine a granularity that it will be possible in a map to treat the push button and the light completely separately, together, or, like in this case, a combination of the 2.

This shows we should be able to make a map entry for just about anything we can dream up .

From now on it's just the grunt work of filling in the actions, keep testing, let me know how it's working, what could be better, what you want to see, etc., and i'll keep forging ahead with the labour part
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