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Originally Posted by nofish View Post
Yeah, now we're talking !

Feedback to BCR works, Fader bank 1 works (didn't test the other yet, but assume it's also working when I set it up), select/mute/solo/pan works.
Nothing displays on my Mackie display emulation currently though, should the display also work already (might be that I still have a setup error though) ?

Some remarks:

- I think in the .ini file description it should actually say "port" (as in MIDI port) instead of channel, no ? That confused me at first.

- I think there's currently no way to know for testers which number corresponds to which port / channel other than using trial and error or ?
I went all combinations through until I landed with
BCR200 8 5 8
for the first bank.

Great stuff, more testing tomorrow.
Excellent !!

Yeah, this is just a temporary hack to get you folks going, it will be cleaned up for the real file.

The display works here, might want to check your end.

Thanks for testing !!
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