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Originally Posted by nofish View Post
Some progress with new build (thanks for the 32 bit build btw., so I can test in my usual setup).

Tried to do a screengrab to show exactly what I'm doing:

Reaper's native MCU plugin selected, move knobs for faders 1-3, can be seen in Reaper that the track faders move accordingly.

Change to your plugin.

Move knobs for faders 1-3.
Debug console shows input yay !
But track faders don't move. Any idea why that is ?

Funny sidenote:
I hear a General MIDI piano playing each time I do something in Reaper (e.g. select / add / remove tracks) while your plugin is enabled.

I think that's because currently it's sending MIDI feedback to all available ports and so triggers the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth.
I assume that will change when we can select select the MIDI ports for your plugin like for the other surface plugins. ?
Oh yeah, I expected some Midi funkiness, do you have a piano on Midi Channel 1, 2, 3, or 6 ?

As far as the faders, in the debug window see the name of the surface -- it's to the leftmost of each midi message line ?

You are coming in on "Mix2".

In the hardwired setup there are 20 channels, the first 8 are on "Mix1", the second 8 on "Mix2", and the last four on "Control"

Your surface is set to control tracks 9 through 16

Were you testing a project with fewer than 20 tracks ?

Hmmm.... I should put a tip in the download area.... done

It's a good idea to use a 20 track test project (blank tracks are fine)

You will be able to tell where your surface is showing up by the Control Surface name at the left of the midi message in the debug window
Mix1 - tracks 1-8
Mix2 - tracks 9-16
Control - tracks 17-20

Oh yeah, another tip/workaround, when you open a project hit bank one way then the other to get things initialized correctly, or course this will be fixed before long
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