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Thanks a ton for the replies all. It can't be the ilok software as I unistalled it when this problem started and I still had the issue. I then removed the track that had the Kontakt library in question from my project and I have never had that issue since. I have not tried loading it in another kontakt instance since I am at the end of an album I've been working on and I don't need catastrophic issues at this point, I'd rather not use the library.

I don't want to put out the name of the library because I believe the download is probably corrupted and that isn't the fault of the dev. If someone wants to know pm me and I'll say. Again though, I am pretty sure something went awry in the 19 different download rar packages, or when they were merged something got screwed up. You all know a lot more about this than I do but I'm just using deduction at this point and I have no more issues by not using that library.

I will try kontakt stand alone tonight and see what happens.

Thanks for the explanation of the nkr files.

How about nkx/nkc?

It's not important I'm just curious and like to learn.
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