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Originally Posted by Tod View Post
Hey Doc, Kontakt does have dll files and you need to have them in your VST folder(s), both for 32bit and 64bit. Nearly all sample libraries still require a dll file.
HI Tod.

kontakt dll files??!

I must be missing something... Why would Kontakt libraries need a dll file? I have a bunch of kontakt libraries and none of them came with a dll.

OH. You must be thinking I'm referring to Kontakt itself... I am talking the Kontakt libraries and not Kontakt the sampler.

The library I'm having an issue with has no dll file anywhere in the download. There are only the instruments, the multis, and the samples. There other component is a NICNT file (I think that is for the official library authorization in Kontakt. I have a bunch of Kontakt libraries and I have never seen a dll in any of them.

.nkm - I'm assuming multis
.nki - I'm assuming instrument
.nkc - I have no idea
. nkr - I have no idea
. nkx - I have no idea

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